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Alberta Association Doesn’t Wait Four Years for Olympic Sport

By admin April 17, 2012

Event of the Week: Annual Curling Competition A Success

Every four years the world gets to enjoy the winter sport popular in Canada and Scotland, curling. Instead of waiting four years though, The Alberta Oilmen’s Bonspiel Association holds an annual competition, keeping the sport alive in non-Olympic years.

According to the Official Olympic website, curling is played by teams of four players on a rectangular sheet of ice, mostly played indoors, where the teams strive to get their 44-pound (19.96kg) granite stones across the ice into the target across the ice.

On March 21, the AOBA held a registration event for the 80 teams that participated in this year’s 61st annual bonspiel, according to Rodney Butcher, director of the AOBA. The tickets he ordered from, “were to provide registration participants with a free beer and provide advertising for the sponsors,” Butcher said.

Butcher ordered tickets that featured the logos, websites and names of the two sponsors for the bonspiel, and were used to exchange for a free beer provided that night by the sponsors. “The sponsors liked the ticket setup and have indicated they want to do the same next year,” Butcher said.

Butcher appreciated being able upload the sponsor’s logos to the Design Your Own Ticket that he ordered. “I was impressed at how easy it was to design our event ticket so as to meet our needs,” he said.

As the registration night was a success, so was the bonspiel itself. Of the 80 teams participating, there were eight winning teams. Look to see who the winners will be March 2013, for the 62nd annual bonspiel. According to Butcher, “We appreciate the service provided to our association, and we intend to use again and certainly for next year’s bonspiel.”